Residential Loans

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Energocredit offers loans to owners of apartments and houses. Using the loan, you can buy and install energy-efficient boilers and heaters, windows, insulate roofs and walls, install air-conditioning systems etc. For your convenience, we have developed a selector of high-quality materials and equipment. It can help you to choose equipment you were looking for.

You can choose materials and equipment from our selector or purchase others, which suit you better. If you want to use material and equipment currently not included in our list, please ask our experts to check whether it meets the required energy efficiency criteria. If so, the new equipment will be entered in our list.

Each Energocredit loan for individuals comes with an Incentive Payment. Once you took out a loan and installed your energy efficiency equipment, you may apply for an incentive amounting to 10 % of the Energocredit loan value. The use of the Incentive Payment will be verified by a team of experts through on-site inspection carried out randomly on selected equipment.

Choose your loan product

Among our Partner Banks, currently ACBA Bank, Ameria and SEF International specialize in issuing residential loans. In case you are already a customer of these institutions, you can choose between two types of loans:

Point of Sale (PoS) loans: This is a loan you obtain for a selected equipment at the supplier’s premises or store. The loan agreement is between you and the Bank even if the agreement is signed in the store.

Residential energy efficiency loans: These loans are provided in the branches of banks directly.

If you have different equiment, which you want to finance, please consult our Energocredit experts in Yerevan.