Selector of equipment and materials

Are you planning to buy new, energy efficient products? Is your company thinking of exchanging old equipment or refurbishing? Do you plan a specific project where energy efficient equipment and materials can be used? Or is your client looking for financing his energy efficient investments? In all these cases, you will find valuable information on the following pages. In this section of the Energocredit website, we put together detailed lists of energy efficient equipment and materials.

Materials presented in this list follow high standards and eligibility criteria. All of the items are eligible for Energocredit loans, available at our participating financial institutions. Finance your investment into energy efficiency with the Energocredit loan and get 10% cashback on the loan amount.

To facilitate your search, we clustered the eligible material and equipment into the following most relevant categories:

Buildings / Heating System / Processing Equipment / Agricultural Equipment / Transportation / Renewable Energy

Within these main categories, you will find several sub-categories to choose from. You can search for available materials and check which local supplier can provide it – all contact details are available within one click.

If you want to use materials and equipment which are not included in the selector, we can help you by providing an 'Eligibility Check' (EC).

Please contact the Energocredit team at:

Hotline Tel.: +374 60 440 118

Download the full list of eligible equipment and materials here.