Which investments are eligible?

Innovative investor, welcome!

This section provides you with useful leads on innovative and sustainable energy investment. Our Partner Banks offer Energocredit loans for investments in energy efficiency and in renewable energy projects.

Energocredit Partner Banks go beyond financing eligible and energy efficient materials and equipment. Other projects of extended scope, those you may suggest, are also eligible after Energocredit expert review.

Our Best Practice Guide will help you to check out investment ideas. Our Case Studies will show you projects implemented already.

Looking for investments eligible for Energocredit loans, follow this link to check out which assets can be financed through loans.

How to identify investment sectors?

In your daily business, look for business ideas in the following sectors: 


Who are our clients?

Enterprises and households are eligible for Energocredit loans. Screen your portfolio looking for ideas. Check out where your investment pays back quickly: